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Azizi Developments

Azizi Developments is a well-known developer in Dubai with an extensive portfolio of stylish luxury residential and commercial development across the emirate’s most sought-after areas. Our properties, through which we aim to improve the lives of our residents and investors, cater to all lifestyles. Azizi Group has many different property developments in Palm Jumeirah, Studio City, Sports City, and Downtown Jebel Ali.

As experienced developers, Azizi Developments has grown its income-producing property inventories, thus strategically placing itself to maximize future development while decreasing financial risk. The Company began to diversify geographically by growing into growth markets around the country and by broadening our product mix into different market segments and price points.

The extensive network of connections, which includes lenders, law firms, real estate experts, investors, government agencies, and different multinational organizations, gives the company a competitive advantage in sourcing and evaluating opportunities before they are brought to the market. Along with the strategic partners, it encourages the company to locate properties in developing regions with significant upside possibilities while remaining ahead of the competition and avoiding crowded and oversaturated areas.