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Mina Rashid

Mina Rashid is a large-scale residential community with luxury real estate. The newest iconic Residential Projects Mina Rashid development in the center of Dubai. With the use of deep hues of sea blues, sunset, and copper inserts against a neutral but heavily textured and timeless background, its location inspires the interior design language and material palette.

In fact, it is a gated community that can offer its residents a high level of comfort and a high standard of living. The area is located in Port Rashid near the water. They consist of penthouses with four bedrooms as well as apartments with one to three bedrooms.

The community's location, close to the ocean and cut off from the rest of the city, is its main selling point. All apartments have large windows that look out onto the canal. A private beach and marina will be available, along with building and apartment options.