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RAK Properties

RAK Properties is one of the leading property developments company in Dubai and was founded in 2005. This developer has proven its superiority with various projects, including mixed-use neighborhood developments, health spas, and hotels, strategically placed retail shops.

The RAK Properties developer has invariably delivered high-quality and efficiently steered projects that provide the highest level of service, maximizing the value of their investments.

RAK Properties always construct attractive construction in consideration to allure foreign investors of status to launch state-of-the-art projects which include luxurious hotels, resorts, and malls.

The developer always develops its project uniquely linked to nature providing an excellent location for outdoor activities as well as the developer always builds communities with a sufferable approach o create a healthy and energetic lifestyle where future generations can live in peace with nature.RAK Properties offers high-quality and professional projects that provide its customers with the highest level of service while maximizing the value of their assets.