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MAG Group

MAG Group Holding is a multinational consolidation of different companies and sectors, the group’s portfolio contains real estate, contracting and engineering, industrial and commercial trading, freight services, and kindness.

Founded in 1978, MAG Group Holding has evolved to become a powerful and vibrant group that services more than 2000 personnel worldwide in more than 50 companies and branches.

We aim to achieve economic growth in the commercial, industrial, construction, real estate, and service segments, all while preserving our moral standards. We realize our excellence in services to local and international customers, must be provided in such a way that the profits of this growth are reflected not only on the group but most importantly on our clients and the communities in which we operate.

Our philosophy has always been one of continuous enhancement and development in all activities and fields of work. Focusing on the quality of our products and amenities, from sourcing the best materials to production and sophisticated work methods.

Because success will be for those who dare to change and embrace progress, MAG Group Holding always looks forward to accomplishing what is better and has never hesitated to adopt challenges, entering new areas and fields to be your Future Partners.

Every action taken by the Group and its employees reflects our promise to perfection and ethical imperative. Our commitment is to actively look for ways to improve our procedures and play a key role in the development and conservation of the world in which we live. That is why we continually involve ourselves in sustainable developments and initiatives that we believe are vital in realizing this sense of duty.