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Object 1

Object 1 has been working in the real estate market last 14+ years in 2010. For the our development volume has increased by 55+ times. We share the Dubai 2040 action plan and are sure to play a big role in it.

10 years of our construction knowledge now changed into a big assignment of making real estate as a modern art gallery, where every formation will be a showpiece. It’s not only about the spectacular exterior. It’s also about the sentiments you get inside object 1.

“Be a head taller” is a part of our philosophy. Therefore, we develop buildings where you can protect all your necessities without leaving home. Each object has sports, kids, enjoyment, work, and lounge zones. We pay special awareness to vegetation. So that the whole environment encourages you and gives you a tremendous sensation of well-being.

Object 1 operates in the real estate markets of the UAE. It is the union of minds, ideas, visions, methods, knowledge, and ambitions. We are proud of our company’s history of growth.

We form a new aesthetic urban environment for life, work, and motivation. We are hundreds of excellent experts in 4+ areas: Development, Construction, Assistance, and Finance.