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Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a vibrant hive of action and with its well-known skyline recognizable worldwide it is no wonder it is a famous favorite amongst townies. As sparkling yachts bob gently and towering buildings glitter in the desert sun, residents and tourists wander palm-lined galleries, shop in charming boutiques and treat al fresco by lavish fountains. Opened in the year 2003 the amazing and stunning man-made marina covers 50 million square grounds of the seafront.

This Unknown city is well known for its magnificent skyscrapers including the world-famous Burj Khalifa from where you can appreciate the scenic view of this fantabulous city. The Neighbourhood of the marina has been designed with over 200 residential towers, nearly every apartment in the city boasts all the mandated amenities including swimming pools, BBQ restaurants, Children’s playgrounds, sports courts, and well-equipped gymnasia.

If you can live on any of the high floors in the skyscrapers you wil