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Mirage Global

Mirage Global with many years of hard-earned industry expertise and understanding, we consult with land owners, real estate developers, governments, investment vehicles, and hospitality investors, distilling and focusing the purposes of our associates to deliver innovative, impressive, and advantageous projects that are special in development mix and consumer experience.

For the last 25+ years, Mirage has formed, organized, and completed designs and provided more than 100 peace and mixed-use developments throughout the Middle East, Southern Africa, the Indian Ocean islands, and further afield, surrounding approx. 3.7 million conveying an evaluated total project value of nearly US$10 billion. As our assistance offering has enlarged over current years and with our increased scale of operations, these numbers continue to grow in sync with the demands of our market.

Our corporation model is unique because we see every project through the lens of the developer or customer, where we act as an attachment to the client or their organization.

Many of our clients have participated in the group of a combined economic model for their buys, but where there is a demand we can select a merged design and financial model for a project that considers the viability of the asset after due contemplation of the retail market requirements, regional perceptivity, and target market.

Once the business model and an associated budget are agreed upon, we use our innovative expertise and a disciplined evolution process in each of the growth phases. This confirms that the project is provided within the coordinated design, budget, and program parameters.