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Bentley Home

Bentley Home underscores its heritage and aesthetic principles with a unique innovative method. Expert developer Federico Peri has invested his works with a special sense and a purpose of delicate Polish. home living resolutions bleed the traditional appeal of artistic effects and real textiles, while also improving a sense of power and silliness. Its most unique structure segments stay untouched: sufficiently defined lines, the skillful use of wood, and the iconic angles and contoured shapes developed by Carlo Colombo with Bentley Home.

Bentley Home revealed a historic association with UAE-based Mira Developments. Mira Villas developed by Bentley Home, offers excellent structure and a testament to the endless options of stylish luxury. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, this preferably launch seamlessly matches the layout aesthetics of Bentley Home with the innovative brightness of Mira Developments, developing a unique generation of quality residences that disregards tradition.

Each property brags Bentley Home’s internal design dignity and curation of its iconic furnishings, completing a society where amenity understands no jumps. The whole environs includes twenty-seven mansions of 600 square meters and nine VIP Villas of 1200 square meters. This unusual haven will possess a 5-star lounge and a relaxed ambiance, perfect for neighborhood groups.