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Meraas is one of the well-known developers in Dubai City. They aim to promote an active, urban, and luxurious lifestyle in their developments while maintaining stylish and modern-styled infrastructure. Meraas has established its portfolio on ingenuity, sophistication, and reliability. Such ideas are then embodied in one-of-a-kind architectural styles, giving rise to the company’s concepts for an improved, more convenient lifestyle.

The property development maestros have left a mark on everything they have embarked into. Owing to its strategic and out-of-the-box planning techniques, Meraas also maintains a bank of lands in some of the major key locations within the region which they can cash highly on given their strategic and prime location and the popularity of such zones amongst the residents, expatriates as well as travelers and tourists.

It is a globally known fact that Meraas Holding has delivered more exceptionally popular and lavish projects within the region. The master development and investment management alliance has neither shied away nor confined itself to just one facet of property venturing capabilities. It has rather been observed and victorious at it with various of Meraas Holding's popular and pivotal residential and commercial projects across industries like real estate, hospitality, and leisure as well as unparalleled residential ones. In order to offer you a glimpse of Meraas's fine contributions to Dubai’s ultramodern urban architecture, we have listed below the area's most popular developments and projects by Meraas.